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We want to use this channel to communicate exclusively to moonshiners that we have now available one of the most special products we make, PAttAR® by Basque Moonshiners 70cl. (Batch #003).

PAttAR® by Basque Moonshiners is the product in our portfolio that we are the most proud of since we started distilling it back in 2015 until we launched the first batch in 2018. It is as it says on the bottle, Hijo de la guerra, Fruto de la tradición, Homenaje a nuestros antepasados y Símbolo de nuestras raíces.

For those who do not know, the origin of the Basque Moonshiners is the Spanish Civil War, when some Italian guerrillas showed our grandparents the amazing way of distillation. The result of those years of lack and survival was born in 2018 this unique product that is neither whiskey nor vodka, it is PAttAR® by Basque Moonshiners.

With potatoes from Alava as raw material, distilled twice in a copper still and aged for almost 7 years in Rioja Alavesa and Bourbon barrels, this product will not leave you indifferent. The result has been a small batch of 1.047 bottles of which we have reserved 100 exclusive (and numbered) bottles for our subscribers at the incredible price of €30.00 during the first two weeks of September.


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