SATIBASQUE® Aromatic Bitters is the first range of aromatic bitters made in Spain in a traditional way from neutral cereal alcohol and natural botanicals.

Traditional elaboration (New Orleans style) by means of long macerations and with organic honey from Alava.

The use of traditional gentian root has been masterfully combined with hemp root and seed in the elaboration, giving the product a unique personality.

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After months of work developing a prototype in the laboratory, we moved to production in the distillery. Using our Basque Moonshiner characterful barley alcoholic base and using classic maceration techniques, we launched our SATIBASQUE Aromatic Bitters range made up of 10 LEMON MEYER, 27 ORANGE BLOSSOM, 52 GINGER ROOT and 69 CHERRY BURLESQUE.

We create a numerical code for each bitter according to the ingredients used, lemon, orange, ginger, cherry … and then the mixologists will bring their magic.

SATIBASQUE Aromatic Bitters was created to offer you a different bitter with an authentic BASQUE MOONSHINERS character.

* Does not contain THC or CBD.

DIEGO LORENZO DE PRESTAMERO Y SODUPE (1733-1817) was a famous artist, writer and naturalist, born in the Basque village of Peñacerrada.

He devoted his life to study the land in which he lived, including building a complete botanical register of plants from all of Alava. This incredible archive, now kept in the vaults of the Farmacy University in Vitoria-Gasteiz (Basque Country) includes an ancient specimens of Cannabis Sátiva which he collected in Urizarra – his native village.

Lorenzo’s archive inspired us to combine our taste for authentic cocktails with Guillermo Moreno’s knowledge of the therapeutic use of cannabis and the gastronomic touch of the Basque Culinary Centre.

A research team made up of Guillermo Moreno (Abagune Research) and Olatz Berasategi (Basque Culinary Center) was brought together to look at different extraction techniques for using cannabis as the main ingredient – but all the time staying true to the philosophy of our distillery.

They showed that cannabis root could be used as a fixer and flavour enhancer in classic cocktail recipes, while maintaining its widely acknowledged therapeutic properties.

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