Agot Single Malt Basque Whisky is handcrafted in the Basque Moonshiners distillery uses pilsner and munich malt made from 100% Navarre barley. The Pioneer Edition is aged for three years in old Bourbon and Rioja Alavesa oak barrels after doublé distillation in a copper still.


AGOT is a creation by


A unique and remarkable caracter with fresh and delicate aromas of toffee, vanilla and cocoa. Unctuous and delicate on the palate wth fresh notes of vanilla in the mouth. Slightly spicy with the Rioja casks adding a light tannin finish.

Noted. Marginalized. Segregated. Silenced. A small community who lived deep in the heart of the Pyrenees, ostracised for centuries.

Their story served as inspiration for this Agot Single Malt Basque Whisky. Crafted for those who follow their own path.