Handmade Potato Vodka

Made with patience and passion

Potato, buried treasure

The war brought potatoes to Álava, the south-western territory of the Basque Country. Due to the War of Independence (1814) and the Carlist Wars (1833, 1846 and 1872) it was a bloody nineteenth century. With a famine empowered population, the potato then became an essential nutrient for both the diet and the economy of the territory.

The potato was immune to local hard weather like rain, snow, frost…and today it has become a symbol of quality internationally.

BASMOON Vodka is made with Agria variety, a sowing local potato. Rich in starch, allow us to obtain high alcohol efficiency.

Today BASMOON Vodka is handcrafted in our own distillery with traditional methods. Five-times distilled premium vodka combining a smooth, sweet and balanced taste with citric touches as well as cocoa and liquorice.

A pure, true and authentic vodka
for people who dare to make their own way.