The Distillery

Travelling an unexplored path

Founded in 2014, Basque Moonshiners is a micro distillery. Each BASMOON Vodka bottle is hand-crafted with care, placing an emphasis on every detail. Batches are no greater than 1,100 bottles, manually numbered by Master Distiller Juan Carlos Ortíz de Zárate.

We follow our own way because it is handmade from beginning to end.

We obtain our base alcohol from potatoes. We distil, filter and bottle vodka to yield full flavour and maximum quality.

The distillery, headed by the old pot-still in which the Basque Moonshiners first produced their homemade liqueurs, will soon host new creations with moonshiner philosophy: quality products, new to the market and handcrafted.

To visit the Distillery, discover how BASMOON Vodka is made and for a taste